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It’s been raining here the last few days, and being outside isn’t fun. But hey, rain can leave drops on leaves right?  


Gutten med seljefløyten

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t the best or most outstanding picture I’ve taken, but the picture has historical significance. The painter…



We were out for a walk in the woods today and came across a field of nettles where there were loads of butterflies. I’ll be…


Sharp focus

It’s been raining a lot here recently. The camera hasn’t really been out that much, but I’ve managed to get a few shots off. This…


The Opera

We were at the Opera in Oslo last weekend with my aunt and uncle from the UK. The Opera is a really well designed building…

3 shady reflections

In Drammen the other day, I came across a sphere by the riverbank that had a sort of “loudspeaker” look on one side. So there…


After the rain

It’s been a strange few days. The mercury’s been hovering around the 24 degree mark, but it’s been absolutely chucking it down with rain. My…



Sandvika is a place of contrasts. On the one hand, the politicans have ruined an old town centre by allowing a shopping centre monsrosity to…


Not in the traditional sense though. The runner in shot finished last in his 400m heat at the VIVIL games here yesterday. VIVIL is a…

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