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After the storm

I love being in St. Andrews. The weather changes minute by minute and the light can be fantastic. A squall blew through, and just as…


Days versus hours

Frustrated by the return to the office? There’s a reason for that, and it’s not your commute. When this seemingly never-ending bout of working from…


Pollination in practice

I’ve never really thought about how bees pollinate plants, but I was out in the garden the other day and managed to capture a bumblebee…



On our daily walk we found a starlings nest in a bush. 3 small chicks and one unhatched egg. Fingers crossed they survive!


Enjoying big decisions.

Where were we…? Oh yes, I had this blog going about enjoying sales and sales processes. Then I became sidetracked due to a job change…


The oak on the island

Golf courses are good for taking pictures of woods, weirdly. Usually it really is difficult to see the woods for the trees, but on a…

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