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This week’s Photofriday challenge is “Structural”. As far as impressive structures go, the local ski jump is pretty good. The people who jump off it…



The Alexander Kielland disaster memorial in Stavanger, Norway. This weeks photofriday challenge is CURVED.


Sharp focus

It’s been raining a lot here recently. The camera hasn’t really been out that much, but I’ve managed to get a few shots off. This…


The Opera

We were at the Opera in Oslo last weekend with my aunt and uncle from the UK. The Opera is a really well designed building…

My world

It doesn’t really seem credible that beside one of the most heavily trafficked roads in Norway there are areas of real beauty. This is only…


This weeks Photofriday challenge is Dark.

Shades of brown

This weeks photofriday challenge is “Brown”. I saw these rocks at a local beach and liked the different shades of the colour they reflect.

Circular – shell in shell

This week’s theme on photofriday is Circular. Although it’s not strictly circular, the little shell inside the big shell feels like a kind of circle…

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