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Autumn again

That time of year again. We’re heading for the dreich grey days of winter, but for now nature is reminding us exactly how colourful it…

Primary colour

This weeks photofriday challenge is primary colour. You wouldn’t think that this was Stavanger in April, more like a Caribbean island.

At dusk

Looking out towards the houses on the other side of the road this evening, I was struck by just how warm it looked insisde there…

Vøyenenga skole

Unbelievably, it’s STILL snowing. The local ski hill had a halfpipe competition going on so I took the dog out for a walk to have…

Kind of Blue

May is the month of the MaiJazz festival in Stavanger and so I thought I’d celebrate by taking a picture of a song title. No,…


The famous photoshop effect seems to have been applied to this rock formation. It works on so many levels:)

Heaven freezes over

So it’s raining here today, but never fear, your trusty correspondent was well prepared and has an old photo to fill the gap.

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