3 Responses to “A boat, a boat, my kingdom for a boat”

  1. Kjepmeflott bilde,herlige farger og motiv :o)

  2. But that is OUR boat house…. or not really; but it is SO close to our house at Sola. We passed it every day, and have admired it in sun and rain and snow and ice….
    It is a great motif (sorry to say; we don’t have a single shot of it!) and you have captured it very nicely too! The reflections in the water, the strong color (think the real owners must have painted it since we saw it last).
    Great work – and thanks for making us homesick…

  3. Excellent strong vibrant color and reflections nicely captured.

    Looks like someone tagged it too, too bad with suche a nice building.

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