What’s lurking out there….

It’s been really foggy here the last few days, not usually a source of inspiration to photographers, but I managed to find a few good angles that I’ll post in the next few days.

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  1. I beg to differ! 🙂 I love shooting in the fog, day or night!

    It’s certainly different, but it allows one to see (or have obscured) places and things in something other than a ‘normal’ setting.

    Take a peek at the ‘Trees in Mist’ group on Flickr. It has more than 2500 members and more than 10,000 photos, many of which are very cool.

  2. We agree with Murph, the fog and misty days can make some excellent shots, smooth and with so much texture and light!
    Looking forward to see more of this!!

  3. I agree too 😉 fog can create a lot of awesome effects that makes a dull subject into something exiting and cool

  4. Ok, Ok, I missed the boat on this one…apparently fog gives a good sense of inspiration to photographers:) What I maybe should have said was that fog in the daytime when it’s dull and dreary is not very inspiring, but there are obviously opportunities for good photos:)

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