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Reverse sunset

Usually a good sunset means looking into the sun, but not tonight. The sun is behind and to the right of me in this picture,…


Happy new year!

The old ski jump and the fireworks are a tradition in these parts. Thankfully they set off the fireworks at 17:00 so that the children…


Frozen falls

You know it’s been cold when the little waterfall by the house has frozen solid. It’s been as low as -17 at night recently. To…


Pathway to orange

The light at this time of year is great – and the fun part about it being dark most of the day is that you…


Death row

….well not quite: the trees will grow new leaves in the spring, the grass will turn green, and the snow will be gone. But until…


Wintertime sunrise

It’s cold. Really cold. -11 at the moment and getting colder. The trees are all white and the sun has no heat. Looks good though.

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