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Marche at dusk

The sunset view from Carignano is something you never grow tired of. We were lucky enough to be invited up for a dinner a few…


The chair

Palazzo Ducale, Urbino. What a place. Reneissance paintings, wood carvings…and this desk in a long hallway.


Sunrise at Sassonia

It’s hot. Really hot. 31 degrees at 5:36am hot. So I couldn’t sleep. Fortunately this meant that I got up in time to head down…

The beach at 0600

A nighttime thunderstorm gave me a rare chance to see a great sunrise (because I’m a lazy photographer who likes to sleep in, in case…

Warm night at the beach

This weeks photofriday challenge is warm. What better then than a photo of why I love Italy. It’s warm and dark at the same time:)

The street

This weeks photofriday challenge is “The Street”. This view was taken in Fano during a lazy afternoon spent reading a book and drinking white wine.

At the photoshoot

The “notte bianca” festival in Fano is a night where you everything is open from 18:00 until 06:00 the following day. Everyone is out, and…

The glass blower

Holidays are nice. Although there are no updates on the blog, there are ample opportunities for photography. A few from the recent trip to Italy…

Protection from the elements

In Italy the challenges facing fishermen are slightly different to the challenges facing us in Norway. Instead of rain gear, fleeces, woolly hats and waders…

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