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First skiing of the year

I’m not a big fan of winter, but on days like these with the sun rising at 8am and fresh snow, Vestmarka is something special.


Frozen falls

You know it’s been cold when the little waterfall by the house has frozen solid. It’s been as low as -17 at night recently. To…


Pathway to orange

The light at this time of year is great – and the fun part about it being dark most of the day is that you…

View from the frozen lake

For once Mosvannet has frozen without any snow on it, and that means that the ice is perfect for skating. This evening there were lots…

Frosty leaf

Winter has arrived, and with it the coldest night in November for 37 years. -11,7 to be exact.

Smoking frost

You know it’s cold outside when the sea is smoking. Unbelievably there were surfers out there in dry-suits.

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