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Rush hour shadows

The city at 8 am in April. There are a lot of people about and with the low sun, lots of shadows.


The clock

Tourist time again. While I was at Big Ben, a photo group appeared with an old, German (sounding) guide. “Now…iff ju point your kameraz at…


Tourist in London

Until yesterday I’d never been to the houses of Parliament, St.Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square or Oxford Circus. That’s embarrassing given that I’ve been in London…


Street art

So instead of getting a hotel room in London I rented an apartment for 2 nights. It’s not in the best part of town, quite…



It’s one of the oldest clich├ęs in film I think. The parking garage scene where our hero (or heroine) is attacked by their pursuers. This…


Tower bridge

I had the good fortune to be in London this week and I just had to get a picture of a beautifully lit Tower bridge.…

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