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Frozen falls

You know it’s been cold when the little waterfall by the house has frozen solid. It’s been as low as -17 at night recently. To…


The ice road

Snow, rain, snow, freezing temperatures, rain, frost….the perfect recipe for lethal walking conditions.

Ice light

In Stavanger it’s not uncommon for lakes to freeze, but near Sandvika the sea freezes, and in the afternoon sun some interesting light patterns can…


This week’s challenge on Photofriday is “Damaged”. Store Stokkavann has stayed frozen for a whole month now, and all the skating and temperature changes have…

Lake hockey

Frozen lakes are great. All the kids are out playing hockey and enjoying themselves.

Ice warriors

So, unbelievably, I went to an Ice Hockey game last night. Stavanger Oilers v. Storhamar. Oilers won 3-1. This is the face-off at the start…


On the edge of a frozen lake, something magical had happened. A slow freeze results in big crystals, and the rising sun caught them perfectly.

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