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Last green of the year

The temperature has dropped to -2, the fire is lit, so what to do then? Look at pictures from this autumn of the leaves before…


Yellow and blue

On the days when there is no wind, the sun is shining and the temperature is above freezing, the autumn colours are still pretty nice.…


Red leaf, black berry.

Oh well, that’s that. Autumn seemed to last 2 weeks. Now it’s raining and all that’s left of the red leaves are a memory.


Bench leaf

A walk in the botanical gardens in Oslo today with the wee man and a friend. Autumn leaves are everywhere, not least on this bench


Leave me

It’s blowing outside and the trees are losing their cover ever faster. Standing on a small island in the river at dusk gave a great…

Time passes by

It really is the end of the summer (as that weird season of clouds and rain was known). Leaves falling off the trees, cold mornings,…


Yellow movement

Autumn has come to our part of Norway, and that means lots of colour. The fishing season is finished too, no fish for me this…



Did I mention that it’s been raining rather a lot here recently? Yesterday was no exception. The river rose again and the fishing has been…



It’s been raining here the last few days, and being outside isn’t fun. But hey, rain can leave drops on leaves right?  

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