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The ice road

Snow, rain, snow, freezing temperatures, rain, frost….the perfect recipe for lethal walking conditions.

Snow wall

Yesterday we saw the first sign of spring. Not a big sign by any means, but a sign nonetheless. This snow is on a handrail…

Orange trees

Unfortunately we live in a country where there are no oranges on the trees, but at least the trees can be orange in the morning…

View from the frozen lake

For once Mosvannet has frozen without any snow on it, and that means that the ice is perfect for skating. This evening there were lots…

Frosty leaf

Winter has arrived, and with it the coldest night in November for 37 years. -11,7 to be exact.

A whiter shade of pale

My camera was stolen on the train in Scotland so at the moment I’ll have to ply you all with old photos. Thankfully i’ve got…

The lightness of the mist

The cold weather spell continues…who would have guessed that I’d be wanting rain on the west coast of Norway? But there you are, we have…

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