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Furry pollen

It’s that time of year again. Everyone except allergics love it…springtime is wonderful:)

Bathing season

The bathing season has officially started here in Sandvika, and despite the river being, well, cold as ice, the dog loves it. She’s been swimming…


Spring really has arrived. The snowdrops are the definitive proof:)

The miracle

I’m not going to go all teary eyed here, but it really is one of nature’s miracles. After the winter we’ve had (and still are…


Finally. It seems that the worst is over. The forecast for the next few days is for temperatures above zero and for rain. Maybe by…

Pretty in pink

Last of hovawart.org spring flowers for a while, but these pink blooms were worth capturing:) I seem to have got a touch of spring lethargy today,…

Springing leaves

These days the leaves are springing out and the green colours are at their most intense. It’s been a weekend of few photos, my girlfriend’s…

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