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Just another sunset

…not really. It was quite spectacular. We arrived at the hut at 9 in the evening. It was 29 degrees, we were sweaty, tired and…


Coffee anyone?

Precariously balanced, coffee in hand (Daddy’s coffee). Good morning!  



So the view from my sisters cabin is not just sea and saand. I love the way a long lens compresses distance. There is about…


Flower fluff

Dandelion seeds in the late evening sun. Soon the seeds will be gone, just to appear as irritating flowers on your lawn in about 11…



This weeks Photofriday challenge (www.photofriday.com) is Enormous. We were at the beach yesterday and in the face of a stiff northerly breeze we had a…



Size matters. At least if you’re a cruise ship. The ships that visit Stavanger regularly tower over the small houses in the old town. The…

The beach at 0600

A nighttime thunderstorm gave me a rare chance to see a great sunrise (because I’m a lazy photographer who likes to sleep in, in case…

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