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Death row

….well not quite: the trees will grow new leaves in the spring, the grass will turn green, and the snow will be gone. But until…


Freeze lake, melt, freeze again, snow, then walk on…footprints

Orange trees

Unfortunately we live in a country where there are no oranges on the trees, but at least the trees can be orange in the morning…

The morning after

This morning on Mosvannet there was no-one around and  a light snow had fallen. This ice-hockey puck was the only evidence of the game that…

Emerging dog

The recent snowfall was a bit annoying for those of us who’re not dogs, but you can’t help but smile when she so obviously enjoys…


This week’s challenge on Photofriday is “Damaged”. Store Stokkavann has stayed frozen for a whole month now, and all the skating and temperature changes have…

Cold tree

The spectacular winter weather we’ve been having lately has thrown up a whole host of good photo opportunities. This tree just looked lonely and cold…

Lake hockey

Frozen lakes are great. All the kids are out playing hockey and enjoying themselves.

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