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The beach at 0600

A nighttime thunderstorm gave me a rare chance to see a great sunrise (because I’m a lazy photographer who likes to sleep in, in case…

The street

This weeks photofriday challenge is “The Street”. This view was taken in Fano during a lazy afternoon spent reading a book and drinking white wine.

At the photoshoot

The “notte bianca” festival in Fano is a night where you everything is open from 18:00 until 06:00 the following day. Everyone is out, and…

The glass blower

Holidays are nice. Although there are no updates on the blog, there are ample opportunities for photography. A few from the recent trip to Italy…

Catch!…well, sort of.

This week’s photofriday challenge is “Summer Fun”. I love this little girls attempt at catching the ball, priceless.


This weeks Photo Friday challenge is Bloom. The recent jellyfish invasion has given us a bit of a problem here, but they’re really pretty:)

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