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Nature is strange

The record just keeps being extended. 60 days now, and still counting. Having said that, and fed up as I am of snow, it’s much…

Emerging dog

The recent snowfall was a bit annoying for those of us who’re not dogs, but you can’t help but smile when she so obviously enjoys…

46 days

We set a record today. In all the years since Sola outside Stavanger has been the official weather station,(since 1952)  there has never been snow…

A hidden side of Rogaland

I had never been out to Eikeland before, but a well judged wrong turn brought me there. Perfect for a little exploring and some photography.

Skating ghosts

As darkness fell at Mosvannet last night, some of the kids that were skating had head torches so that they could carry on playing even…

Frozen in space

I have a glass veranda, and on it this morning were…..crystals that looked just like snowflakes:) Winter can be beautiful when it wants.

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