Plants….last of the summer wine

This weeks photofriday challenge is “plants”. With the weather being terrible these days, and no nice colours outside, I’ve taken one of the photos from the spring and posted. I promise that when the autumn colours make their long awaited entrance, I’ll be out there like a shot taking photos:)slektstreff7 [1024x768]

3 Responses to “Plants….last of the summer wine”

  1. Not entirely happy with this one, no matter how I cropped it it seemed to come out wrong…

  2. Jeg er ikke enig – syns utsnittet var veldig fint jeg!

  3. You have a strong focus on one of the flowers, and that one stands out. We are not sure if it mattes much how you crop the image around the focus flower? But we do like that there are a bunch of flower in the image, so this works for us.
    And it is a picture of summer and sunshine!!

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